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Bless the whole World!

Guten Morgen Foundation Ghana


 We accept all Cultures and Religions, wants to unite people especially children with different backgrounds and cultures and teach the children skills to escape poverty in our World.

I warmly greet you to our charity Organization Guten Morgen Foundation 

Rev. Minister Dunu Agbesi Joseph

Faithful day on 17th October 2010. When I heard a voice to go and perform his work. That same day, I heard the same voice telling me about a friend of mine in the person of MENSAH to accompany me for this missionary work. I first went to his house, but I sat back and asked myself, “What am I going to tell him”.

So I came back home, I heard a voice again telling me “didn’t I send you” so finally I went to his house around 5:45 am. On that faithful day, I delivered the message to him for what I have heard, so he told me to give him time to pray over it.

By his grace, we started the ministry from his kitchen. After five (5) months later, we moved to a classroom where we were able to find a place for worship. I also went out to evangelize the word to people.

That’s how the church started. Now below is the vision, mission, and goal of this ministry.


To develop a close relationship with those who know they are spiritually poor, such a close relationship will produce a stronger and more loyal team.


Working closely, with assistance in the ministry, brings about valuable friendships that could last a lifetime. 


To send the scripture to the world. Teachings, preaching’s and healing.

I saw that education was one of the hallmarks of every individual and being burdened to see this dream being fulfilled.

I once went to the P.F.A meeting at Hannah school complex. It was there that I realized that the ministry of education. 

Have been rating schools based on their performance and being surprised by this single fact and being a person who always likes competition decided to start something.

By then I had a trip of sand and stones, and so I decided to do something with it. A lot of thoughts came to my mind, however, since I rely on that education was the key to every individual’s development.

It motivated me to establish the Teiman Wisdom Academy with the trips of sands and stones.

Then we founded the charity organization GMF to build more high schools, and help our orphans and kids with education so that there can after high school study at university.

We bought already building land, and we will start soon to build a technician agriculture school to help our farmers to process their production on their own.

Therefore, we need educated farmers, we need engineers in many fields, and we need also to teach Industrial. 

We require Business Engineers for selling our final products.

Therefore, we require our own production. We must manufacture our own machines and educate how to operate and maintain them on our own.

Guten Morgen Africa!

Wake up together with the Guten Morgen Foundation!
Let's stand up together to build a better chance in the future for our children and nation.

Wake up Africa, throw away your chains, the time of slaves is over!

Stand up Africa together we can do it! You are black! We are black! Be proud to be black! We are one Nation! 

We are the richest, oldest and the strongest civilization on the earth!

Together we can do everything! Africa, just wake up and let do it for us together!

 The Lord be our helper. Thanks are to our God!

Yours truly

Dunu Agbesi Joseph

We sponsor the Junior High school Wisdom Academy to achieve high school certification.

Please support our project to build a new high school in Accra, Ghana Region Danfa We donate for the school extension of the Teiman Wisdom Academy. The students are good and learn every day. They can't wait for school to finish and are very happy.

Links to our activities and projects at our school Teiman Wisdom Academy in Ghana, Accra

Support our project to build a new technical school

We already bought building land. In order to provide the students with further training as technicians after graduation, we are to build a technical school so that our children will have the opportunity to gain practical skills as well as theory and be able to build their own factories and industry.

GMF advocates farming and supports and teach farmers

To ensure fair trade, we would like to buy a farm where Maringá and Cashew trees are planted. Process the products yourself and then market them for sale. We want to train the farmers and teach them in our schools how to turn raw materials into valuable goods.

GMF advocates Recycling and supports schools to carry out training for a better clean Earth

In order to maintain a clean environment, we want to convert the plastic waste into granulate. In order to be able to convey this knowledge at our schools, we want to buy a used recycling machine. We are very happy about every donation!

For the love of our environment